Tbh I’m so upset right now that if I had the money I would fucking leave this fucking garbage can of a state and NEVER look back. Things are such bullshit right now I don’t know what to do!

"There’s a quote, ‘You hurt most the ones you love’,” Padalecki said. “And Sam has said the same things to Dean where he said I wouldn’t have gone after you, he’s said a lot of things to try and needle Dean. And we can’t forget that Dean’s a demon and Dean’s saying what he needs to say to piss Sam off because he wants to find a chink in the armor. It’s like when you’re playing tennis or chess with somebody. You get in their head so you can beat them. You psyche them out. And that’s what demons do. Demon Dean also knows how to get to Sam. But I think there’s some truth in it too. And Sam knows it. But Dean’s truth, although it’s parallel to Sam’s truth, it’s not the same. And I think Sam’s smart enough to figure that out.” Padalecki also assured us that the brothers could reconcile those two truths: “It’s going be difficult and it’s going take some time. But they certainly can."

Jared Padalecki talking about THE Scene from Soul Survivor
Sam & Dean’s relationship

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"A demon is a human soul, twisted and corrupted by its time in Hell."

#dean winchester #who had yet to be changed by all the forces of darkness working against him in hell #who spent 40 years on Alastair’s rack #without breaking #who spent ten years perfecting the art of torture #but whose soul remained human #but now #after spending a year #being crushed under the weight of loneliness #and despair #and guilt #on earth #has turned into the very being the demons hoped to create in hell #but they didn’t understand that despite all of hell’s horrors #he still had the reassurance that his actions had saved the brother he loved #whereas now#all he knows is that his betrayal cost him the friendship of sam #and he fears that the damage he caused is irreparable #the reason dean became a demon now #is that earth had become #far more difficult than he could bear#throughout his time with the mark of cain on his arm #it was his own personal hell (via savingsammyhuntingdestiel)

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